The Online Recovery Program

As a result of scientific research, we now understand that addiction is a disease that manifests itself in both the brain and the behaviour of a person. These breakthroughs have had a significant impact on our understanding of compulsive drug use. As a result, we can now respond to the problem effectively with psychological interventions that are supported by scientific research. In recent years, a global strategy for the treatment, recovery, and prevention of addictive behaviour has emerged.

The following is a list of what you can expect to get.

Acquire an understanding of the various theories surrounding addiction. Addiction treatment is a field in which you can gain valuable experience. Learn about the conditions and issues that can arise as a result of abusing alcohol or drugs. Become familiar with the terms codependency, addiction families, and relapse. Work as a "Helper" in a field that deals with substance abuse. Learn more about the various treatment options for addictions (psychology & medicine). Individual and group counselling and therapy are offered as part of this program for those who need it. Excessive drinking by both parents and children in the same family unit How to get a job as a "substance misuse worker" are provided in this guide. Drug addiction, relapse, and co-dependency can be treated with various methods. Anxiety and substance abuse-related disease models Addiction recovery resources, such as support groups and strategies for coping, The definition of "rehab," the process of treatment, and much more!

Who is the target audience for this course?

Anyone who wants to learn more about drug and alcohol addictions can attend this free course. Psychologists, as well as those who work in caring and mental health settings, are encouraged to gain deeper insights into understanding the process of addiction and recovery.

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