Luxury Rehabs in South Africa

South Africa plays host to a number of luxury treatment centres that rival many of the worlds best rehabs. Recovery Direct's focus is and has always been to establish the best possible treatment model as a core priority over and above the creature comforts of the facility. Our belief is that the centre needs to cater first to ensuring that patients are in a safe and comfortable environment where they are able to work on their treatment as the chief priority.

Are you or a family member struggling with drug or alcohol addiction? Let us help you now!

We are committed to helping you to find the best alcohol and drug addiction recovery solution that exists.

To comprehend why an alcohol or drug addict is willing to continue a life filled with chaos for the time that they do, one needs to understand the nature of the substances they are using & the long term impact it has on the psyche of the addicted mind.

Any established addiction can destroy families and family / friend support structures as much as it damages the addicts and alcoholics themselves. Addiction is both heartbreaking and completely exhausting for anyone around the individual. As the wall between how to assist the addicts and / or how to avoid being pulled into their world.

Recovery Direct counsellors focus on you as an individual, we understand your life circumstances, family and work commitments. We take financial considerations and are mindful that environmental circumstances, all have a role in determining what the best recovery solution is best suited for you.

A one-size-fits-all approach to recovery from addictions is no longer appropriate, recovery is an individual persuit. There are always alternatives, no person is too far gone to seek and find recovery. Our specialists assess your needs and then design an addiction recovery programme that is best for you.

We work closely with specialists in their field.

  • Occupational Therapists
  • Addictions counsellors
  • Programme mentors
  • Life Coaches
  • Dieticians and Exercise practitioners

If you, or family members, or a work colleague or friends have a problem controlling their intake of alcohol and or drugs, we are here to help find the best recovery solution available.