Full Centre Overview

Recovery Direct is one of South Africa's top recovery centres for substance, depression, anxiety, eating disorders and mental health wellness. The centre follows a care model that is based on complex trauma resolution, personal transformation and hosts executive retreats for chronic stress and mental health restoration. This centre is fundamentally different to the way many recovery services approach treatments of this nature.

The Centres Recovery Ethos

Perhaps one of the most obvious motivations to seeking rehabilitation treatment in South Africa is that your dedicated care programme will enable you to "break free" from behaviour cycles that are not progressive or congruent to your present lifestyle. We are not concerned about the substance or behaviour so much as we are about bringing you into a comfortable zone again with yourself.

Sometimes the physical motion and conscious effort required to restore psychological balance is a simple and effective disrupt of the negative holding patterns that have accumulated in your life and retraining positive direction over old bad habits.

This core ethos is what makes Recovery Direct so different from other rehab centres and why our centre will have such a profound and remarkable impact on you now and how you operate for long after your treatment is over.

Recovery Direct is NOT a "12 Step" or "Minnesota Model" Treatment Centre

Our treatment model is based on an evidence-led approach to restoring mental health, personal awareness and wellness. The core competency of our centre is in the resolution of past trauma that may be psychologically or emotionally holding you back from achieving your ultimate success in your personal or professional life.

This critical change is brought about through a highly focused individual counselling programme, wherein consultation we match you to appropriate therapists that guide you through a dedicated support platform constructed specifically for you. Your rapid personal transformation programme includes two dedicated individual one-on-one therapy consultations a day over a 28day period. Using the Recovery Direct method will enable you to break free from whatever is still holding you back.

The duo consultation therapy works alongside dynamic case management which includes a managed daily efficacy evaluation of the care that is being provided to you. This exponentially enhances treatment, often unravelling years of distortion to provide you with absolute self-clarity.

The progress regimen is adjusted daily to maximise your support requirements, while in our centre. No other treatment programme in the world uses this level of individual care or has this model in such an accessible format.

Worlds Best Rehab Centres

At Recovery Direct we don't try to be the best online therapy centre in the world, we don't care where we feature on Forbes list of the worlds best rehab centres either. We do however care that we are the best recovery centre in the world for you, for you as a client, for you as a patient, for you as a person.

You form the epicentre of our rapid treatment focus. If that makes us the best care centre in the world, so be it. This person-centric approach is unilaterally adopted by Recovery Direct and it enables us to maintain that our centre is one of the best rehab centres in the world - just for you.

While many local or international rehab centres may claim or have tried to emulate our success rates, the simple truth is that they cannot successfully replicate a recovery strategy that is as unique, dynamic as each person that steps through our centre's doors. This working success model can be attributed to many factors that relate to your ultimate treatment ideals, cost, our proximity and our working relationships with skilled personal therapist resources, but more than that.

Our measurement of success is not held by the trivial prospect of abstinence (which you may find in a 12 Step Programme for free) but by far more meaningful resolutions that are defined by each person's goals which may include feelings like happiness, fulfilment, connection and calm or by their new founded abilities to sleep better, control anger, manage stress or be more social.

Coming Into Treatment in South Africa

South Africa has undergone some incredible transformations in its recent history that have left the country in a state in terms of the international perception, economy, political instability and through troublesome media reports, however "life on the ground" has not changed much for the average South African.

Certainly for the area where Recovery Direct operates we are far removed and secluded from where our news media frequently reports unrest. Your total safety is our paramount concern and the centre features 24h guard services that maintain access control and ensure that you are kept safe and secure at all times.

But why South Africa? South Africa is perhaps one of the worlds best-kept secrets in terms of professional trauma and addiction recovery. This is an attribute to a severely traumatised history of our country which as a side effect has "naturally" developed an incredible competency of highly skilled, qualified and well-trained trauma and complex trauma recovery professionals that are able to apply modern evidence led professional therapy with progressive coaching outputs.

While many people see "rehab Johannesburg" as places where people go to recover from drug and alcohol addictions Recovery Direct hosts a fundamentally and distinctly different care model as you will discover.

The care model does not seek to resolve eating disorders, addictions or depressions or anxiety, mental-health or chronic stress-related problems so much as uniformly accept that you have arrived with a problem that requires a deeper understanding and our support to resolve. The manifestation of your problem may well be a substance use disorder/addiction, depression etc however we see that as only a symptom that may have been caused by adverse childhood conditions, divorce or marital issues, sexual assault, abuse or any range of traumatic experiences that disrupt and distort cognitive and emotional regulation. Our job is to help you get to where you want to be.

The Executive Care Programme in South Africa

The burnout and executive care programmes are specifically designed around fine-tuning executives into a state of mental preparedness and creating the resilience and fortitude required to handle high-pressure work environments. The demanding lifestyle of high paced executives frequently establishes problematic behaviours that in turn lead to performance issues, burnout or a range of psychological maladaptations that ultimately impact the organisations' bottom line. Recovery Direct offers a wellness retreat that is hosts evidence-based high-stress relief programmes that allow executives to recharge and reform their state of mental agility. This revered approach to

Admissions Process From the UK

No visa is required to enter South Africa from the United Kingdom for a period of up to 90 days. The admission process starts with our dedicated consultations either directly from South Africa online or in individual consultations based in London. Suitability for our programme is assessed and arranged by the facilitator either directly from South Africa or by our representatives in the United Kingdom.

Cost of Treatment in South Africa Compared To United Kingdom

Perhaps one of the single best things about five-star rehabs in South Africa for patrons from the United Kingdom, Europe and the States is the cost-benefit analysis in relation to local rehabilitation services of similar nature.

Treatment Cost

2x Individual Professional Therapy Sessions a Day = £50* 20 days *2 therapists = £2000

  • £ 3700
  • $ 4550